Old Grandmas Formula Prepare it before they will remove it from internet I lost 50lb In Just 30 Days Thanks to my Grandma

Parsley Tea – RECIPE:

It’s very simple – you just have to add 5 tbs. of chopped parsley in 1 liter boiling water. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and after that you can strain it or you can drink it with the chopped parsley. That’s it! Enjoy your homemade parsley tea.

As we said, this tea will help you flush all harmful toxins from your body and eliminate all accumulated fluids from the body. This parsley tea is very useful, because it removes and eliminates all harmful bacteria, toxins and other harmful substances from the organism – through the urine.

How to use it

The recommended dosage is 2-3 cups of this tea every day. Don’t drink more than 1 liter per day.

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