Never have lumpy mashed potatoes again! Here, we talk about how to make the creamiest dreamiest mashed potatoes every single time. These guys are silky-smooth, SO flavorful and super easy to throw together.

I first posted the recipe for these Creamy Dreamy Mashed Potatoes around Thanksgiving in 2018, three years ago! They’ve been one of the most popular recipes on the blog around the holidays since then, so I thought it was time to give them a little love again, update some of the old photos and re-share it just so we can make sure it doesn’t get forgotten.
This my tried-and-true method for making mashed potatoes, and I promise, they come out PERFECT every single time. Following the method is extremely important, as well as the base ingredient list, but from there you could add a number of things such as: cream cheese (tried it, loved it!), roasted garlic paste, pesto, garlic powder, or really anything else that won’t alter with the consistency.
HOWEVER, I would suggest you make them as is the first time around, because honestly, they really don’t need anything else.

Mashed potatoes are often the overlooked middle child of the Thanksgiving table. While you may preach that everyone gets the same amount of love, and equal attention is paid to all three children, really the middle child always gets the short end of the stick – or so I’ve heard. On Thanksgiving, after you’ve lovingly prepared Grandma’s dressing and taken the time to make green bean casserole from scratch, the potatoes are oftentimes a dish that get completely overlooked or haphazardly put together minutes before turkey time.
They happen to be one of the simplest additions to the lineup of food on the big day, BUT they’re also one of the easiest sides to screw up. There can be lumps. The starchy flesh can turn gummy in an instant. They can be grainy. And worst of all, they can be completely and utterly flavorless.
Over the years I’ve humbly mastered the mashed potato process, and I think I have few key tips that will ensure that you too, can become a pro at whipping up the perfect mashed potato. Thus ensuring equal love to all sides.



First things first, what kind of potato should you use?? I’ve tried every potato out there — russet, yukon gold, red gold, etc. — and while they all yield tasty mashed potatoes, for me, classic is best, which means you want to go with the russet.
It has the perfect amount of starch, is forgiving and the best part, yields the fluffiest mashed potatoes.
Next up, my exact steps for the creamiest dreamiest mashed potato:


Season your cooking liquid! I find that this one of the most important steps; because potatoes naturally have no seasoning or taste, you want to be able to flavor the potatoes in each step, so we start at the beginning. Salting the cooking liquid ensures ample flavor is infused into the actual potato itself.


Use a ricer. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for purchasing this guy years ago, it’s been a total lifesaver and produces silky smooth mashed potatoes every single time. I’ve had countless people ask if they can substitute something else, and the answer is no. These guys are inexpensive, stored easily and you’ll use it time and time again. I have this one and love it.


Rice potatoes when they are still hot. Hot potatoes = smooth potatoes.


Add hot liquid to the hot mashed potatoes. Adding cold cream, milk or butter will actually cool the potatoes down, which will in turn risk a lumpy mash.


Infuse the cooking liquid. If you have say, a garlic flavor like in this recipe, but don’t want the actual texture of garlic in the final result, adding it directly to the liquid (i.e. the butter, milk or cream) to let it steep will transfer to the potatoes when you add the liquid.


Lots and lots of butter. Ok it’s no secret that butter makes everything better, and while I normally wouldn’t advise you to throw THIS much butter into a dish, it’s Thanksgiving. I give you permission to consume as much butter as your little heart desires.


Step 7. Work quickly and do not over-mash! This is as important as any other step, working quickly, again, facilitates in a lump-free end result, but it also keeps the potatoes from becoming gummy, something I know first-hand.

I know it may seem like an obnoxiously long list of steps, but they’re all insanely easy to follow, and I can assure you, it will put perfect mashed potatoes are your table in less than 30 minutes. Of course you can also make them ahead of time, and re-heat them later, which I’d actually suggest for Thanksgiving Day. Just gently reheat them on the stove, or if there’s more heating real estate in the oven, transfer the potatoes to an oven-safe dish and let them warm up in there.
Because I didn’t actually make these on Thanksgiving, it was just Kevin and I inhaling these, so this recipe isn’t going to feed a group of 10+ people, I’d say this is more geared towards six people, but it’s easily doubled or tripled if you have a large Thanksgiving crowd.