A few weeks ago I found a deal on those really cute, tall boot socks — I wanted three or four pairs! At $12 a pair, plus shipping, I couldn’t justify it. I found a few old sweaters in my closet that I was planning to give away, and I knew they would make the perfect DIY project. How do you like my new boot socks?

I started out with these sweaters… two from my giveaway pile and one from the thrift store.
1. I wanted my first pair of boot socks pretty long, so I cut the sleeve off the sweater beyond the seam line:
2. I used a sweet crochet lace to trim the top of the sleeve {this will be the top of the boot sock.
3. I trimmed the top of the sock so that it would have a nice even edge in the front.
4. Then I simply sewed the lace trim around the back edge and front section of the sock. {I wanted this front piece to fold over, creating a “cuff” for the sock}
Here is my finished Lace Cuff Boot Sock: