From Flannel Shirt to Pillow Cover

Step 3:

Trim the collar off by following the shoulder seams across the top, and then continuing around the yoke of the front collar.  Flip the now loose collar cuff up and out of the way.

Step 4:

Determine the size of your pillow and cut the flannel shirt to the corresponding size.  You will cut through both the top and bottom layer of the shirt at the same time.
You will then have two rectangles cut to the same size.
To figure out the right size, I simply laid the pillow on top of the flannel and eye-ball the size (making sure to add a little extra on all side for the seam)  Because I wanted to keep the pockets, I laid the pillow centered over the pockets to make sure I had plenty of room on all sides before I cut the shirt to size.  As for the pillow, I used a travel sized pillow that I bought at Target.  They make a great accent pillow size and their cheap too!

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