Cranberry Chutney Homemade Solid Lotion Bar Recipe




This cranberry chutney homemade solid lotion bar recipe makes a wonderful last minute DIY stocking stuffer or homemade Christmas gift! These homemade solid lotion bars are both quick and easy to make and they’re ready to go within hours of making them. In addition, they’re also a snap to make in bulk for holiday party favors or gift giving in large groups.

Your gift recipient(s) will love all the benefits of this cranberry chutney homemade solid lotion bar recipe. Benefits include not only the wonderfully sweet and tart scent of the cranberry fragrance but also the moisturizing benefits of the cocoa and mango butters and the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities of Manuka honey! Plus, the eco-friendly packaging – that works like a push up pop – lends convenience and less mess while the printable cranberry labels lend a personal touch.


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