Crafty Mom Continues to Skillfully Transform Old Clothing Into Stylish Ensembles

Last year, we were floored by Sarah Tyau’s stunning clothing transformations. Today, the crafty mom-of-three continues chronicling her “DIY adventures,” sharing more before-and-after shots of unassuming old garments and their stylish second lives.
Using outdated, ill-fitting, and overlooked articles of clothing, Tyau is able to skillfully fashion an eclectic wardrobe. In addition to turning frumpy dresses into fashion-forward frocks, she also often reimagines shirts, pants, and jackets as entirely new pieces like dresses for her daughters and one-of-a-kind purses. While the changes are drastic, the transformations are seamless, illustrating both Tyau’s impressive sewing skills and her imaginative approach to fashion.
Though Tyau currently upcycles clothing for herself and her children, she hopes her sewing skills can someday serve a bigger purpose. “Everything I do right now is a stepping stone to start my own clothing line selling modest clothes for women and girls that cater to their body shapes,” she tells My Modern Met. “Then that clothing line will be a stepping stone to fund in helping children in orphanages or in trafficking.” From there, she’d like to to establish schools in underserved areas, where she’d also teach parents how to make and mend their own clothing.
“I’d love for my clothing line to eventually donate 100% of the proceeds in this cause,” she says. “I would not have a YouTube/blog/Instagram if it wasn’t for this big dream of mine, that’s for sure! But I know it is needed to get to my end goal.”
You can follow Tyau’s journey on her website, Life is Beautiful.

See some of our favorite upcycled clothing transformations by Sarah Tyau!

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