7-Scientifically Proven Methods to Battle Termite Infestation

How to get rid of termites

7-Scientifically Proven Methods to Battle Termite Infestation

Though the way that is routed through the natural pesticides is always the best option to go for, but some of our friends can also try the methods that employ non-greener alternatives as well. Moreover, the best part is that they are not only pocket-friendly but also pose very less or no environmental hazards, thus multiplying their worth. Researchers and scholars have tested them for their applications and approved the choice as among the best. Let us explore some such solutions here.

  1. Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are an amazing and the easiest treatment to get rid of the termites. Not only do the people prefer it for its high efficacy, but also they are scientifically recommended as an alternative to their chemical counterparts . The main property of microwave includes its ability to produce the electromagnetic waves. Once exposed to the electromagnetic waves, the fluid inside the body of termites starts heating up slowly. This, in turn, causes great damage to their cell membrane thus giving you relief from the termite infestation.

You can buy or rent the portable microwave from the market and employ it to the use. It is recommended to continue the treatment for 10-20 minutes for an infested wooden piece whose size ranges from 1 to 2 feet. This treatment is majorly effective for the drywood termites. In addition, since it is a site-specific method, you must ensure reliable detection to guarantee successful eradication.

  1. Hot and Cold Treatment

This method works wonders as a drywood termite treatment . This involves exposing the termites to extreme temperatures so that they are only left with two choices, either to evacuate or die. Even though this treatment does not provide long-term relief or future infestations, it is effective in case the wooden object is suffering from high infestation. You can simply reduce the number of termites and then apply some preventive measure to protect the wooden surface.

Why it Works?

Termites cannot withstand extreme temperatures, that is, too high or too low values. Temperature higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit or less than -20 degrees Fahrenheit acts as a killer for the termites. This is the reason either they will die or abandon the surface in search of a favorable condition.

How to Apply?

For hot treatment, place the wooden structure at 120 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for at least 33 minutes. In case you cannot find arrangements for the temperature or feel worried about the structure, you can also place the wooden object or the infested piece under direct sunlight. This would evaporate entire moisture content from the wooden structure (.

Alternatively, you can utilize the liquid nitrogen to create a freezing environment in order to control the termites. For this, get special equipment from the market that caters to nitrogen filling. This equipment will help you inject the nitrogen into the pre-drilled holes. Maintain the wood temperature as low as -29 degree Celsius for about 5 minutes to get the job done

  1. Sodium Chloride, Common Salt or Table Salt

No matter how expensive the damage caused by termites be, the solutions to get rid of them need not be that costly. If you are looking for cheap termite treatment methods, the ingredient found in every household, common salt, is one of the most precious allies. Besides serving as an important ingredient for our dishes, this product is a termite pest control method that has received a time-tested reputation to be used as an insecticide and is often applied for its corresponding benefits by the farmers in fields across the globe .

Why it Works?

The remedy uses common salt as a bait. Being a source of cellulose (a plant-based material), the termites will get attracted towards the salt and try consuming it. Being insecticidal in nature, the salt will prove adverse for them hence proving itself as a potent termite killer. Once on the body, the crystalline structure of the salt enables it to suck out the fluids from the body of termites, thus causing intense dehydration and eventually death.

How to Apply?

Get some cotton and grab some pieces from it to form small balls. Now, take a container and add some water to it followed by some salt. When ready, stir the ingredients well to form a clear solution. Now, dip the cotton balls in this solution and place them strategically at the locations affected by termite infestation.

Alternatively, you can take the cotton balls and cover them with common salt to place them at the termite- infested locations. This method works wonders for the places, which are severely populated by the termites, and gets you rid of them quickly.

Fill a container with a gallon of water. Add two tablespoon of common salt to it. Stir the contents well to form a clear solution. Once ready, pour it into the spray bottle to sprinkle on the infested areas. You can also opt for an easy solution according to which all you have to do is sprinkle some salt onto the infested areas.

Another method of application requires you to collect the ingredients that include water, common salt, and a syringe. Heat the water unless lukewarm. Once done, add the salt to it and stir unless the salt dissolves well in the water. Now fill the syringe with this solution and inject it to the termite entry points. You can also pour some part of it to the infested areas. Repeat the process every day for a few days. You can also consider soaking some cotton balls in this solution and place them at the site of infestation. Due to the presence of cellulose in the common salt, the termites will get attracted towards the cotton balls after which the salt will start having its effect.

  1. Boric Acid

Boric Acid or Hydrogen Borate is also known as boracic acid, orthoboric acid or Acidum Boricum. It is one of the weak, monobasic Lewis acid of boron. Existing on the form of colorless crystals or white-colored powder, it is often used for its antiseptic, insecticidal, flame retarding and neutron absorbing value, and easily dissolves in the water. Thanks to its pesticidal properties, it can be employed in the household as an effective treatment to get your home rid of the pests. This is the reason it is generally used as a wood preservative to protect it against the termites, beetles, and some decay fungi

Why it Works?

A group of scientists studied the effects of boric acid on the termite infested areas. It was concluded that the application of this chemical salt proved lethal for the termites and in turn, causes damage to their nervous system within very less duration of application, thus making it a source of immediate relief. It is also employed as an effective treatment to keep termites away from your building and yards. Some amount of boric acid is mixed in the soil to ensure that your yard remains free of termite infestation

How to Apply?

Take some water in a container. Add some boric acid powder to it and mix well until it dissolves completely. Once ready with a uniform solution, use a paintbrush to spread it evenly on the wooden surface. You can also opt for spraying or painting the wooden objects with the products that contain boric acid. This formula also works wonders for the one wondering how to get rid of flying termites.

A Word of Precaution

Special care should be taken while handling boric acid. You must make sure to cover your hands using gloves and wear masks as its intake proves toxic to the human life.

  1. Soapy Water

Yes, we are talking about the soap that you generally use in your homes, the ones about which you always thought effective only for cleaning. Soap solution can be a potent help when you are seeking do it yourself termite treatment and control. Available in every home, this remedy not only proves effective but also serves as one of the cost-effective alternatives while posing very fewer threats to the environment or beneficial flora in the vicinity. It also offers amazing benefits by not only killing the termites but by being lethal to all the insect pests that bother you of late. Let us explore the remedy in detail.

Why it Works?

The lethal action of soaps and detergents on the insects begin as soon as they are exposed to their bodies. Once you spray on their bodies, they form a covering or coating over it. This, in turn, damages their cell membranes and removes the protective waxes that protect the insect bodies. Due to this, the insects tend to lose the fluid in their body that leads to excess water loss. The entire process causes the insects to pay a toll on their lives gradually but eventually (100). Therefore, if not as a preventive measure, this home remedy to get rid of the termites can surely bring you relief rapidly after which you can coat the structures with other protective layers.

How to Apply?

The method to administer this remedy is as easy as the speed of its results. Simply grab a container filled with some water. Add some liquid dishwashing soap or a teaspoon of detergent to it. Once done, transfer the mixture to the spray bottle and shake vigorously in order to form a uniform solution. Once ready, spray it over various wooden erections in your homes along with furniture, etc. Repeat the process several times in a week for quick and effective results. This method is also effective for the ones who want to know how to get rid of termites in the wall.

  1. Borax

Known with the names like sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, this compound of boron finds diverse applications in our daily life even without us knowing about it. It does so by being an ingredient in the detergents, cosmetics, and enamel glazes. Besides this, borax is also one of the amazing insecticides and is a part of many DIY insect treatments owing to its properties. This makes it a perfect friend for those seeking alternative termite treatments that they can apply at home.

Why it Works?

Anti-termite activities of borax have been scientifically verified through various experiments and studies. This is primarily because once ingested, borax interferes with the nervous system of the insects such as termites causing it to stop functioning entirely. It also causes their body to dehydrate that gradually causes them to lose weight and die.

In an experiment to prove the anti-termite nature of borax, several infested structures were treated by boron compounds including borax, boric acid, zinc borate, and sodium perborate tetrahydrate under some conditions. At the end of the experiment, it was observed that the structures treated with borax exhibited rapid hundred percent termite mortality thus, proving itself as an effective agent of relief. Several other researchers confirmed the results that state borax can be one of the wondrous termiticidal agents that you can not only use to kill the termites but also ensure that the structures are not exposed to the infestation in the first place by repelling them

  1. White vinegar

White Vinegar is another wondrous treatment to get your home rid of the invaders known as termites. You can count it among the ingredients that are known for their versatility, mainly because this one constituent in the kitchen can not only dye eggs, satisfy the culinary purpose, and kill weeds, but is also an effective cleaning agent and a part of various delicious dishes. A blend of water and acetic acid, it is also employed as a folk medicine for skin ailments and is known to boost body’s metabolism, reduce post-meals blood glucose and insulin in the people. White vinegar is also used for insecticidal, herbicidal, and other such applications where it delivers remarkable results in very less duration of time.

Why it Works?

An experiment was conducted to observe white vinegar for its efficacy to get rid of termites. The wooden pieces, which were infested by the termites, were treated with white vinegar. This application showed that white vinegar’s application for continuous eight days displayed hundred percent termite mortality. Though not as quick as other treatments in the experiment, it was concluded that white vinegar works wonderfully well when it comes to treating termites. Hence, you can choose it for the benefits it offers as a less toxic alternative

How to Apply?

Take half a cup of white vinegar and add the juice of two fresh lemons to it. Pour this mixture into the spray bottle and shake well to obtain a uniform solution. Now use this solution to spray on the termite infested area to get rid of them. Repeat the process twice daily for a week to obtain effective results.

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