5 Unusual Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

2. Eat with members of the opposite sex

For instance if you’re a woman, eat around other man. Or if you’re a man eat around women, whether that’s a date, whether that’s someone you’re in a relationship with, whether is just friends. What is really interesting about this especially for women, is that women psychologically eat less when they’re around men.

The way that this study perceives is that women actually of eating a lot is being “manly” and women who eat less are “feminine”. So even if you’re not trying to impress the opposite gender, it’s logistically what we do subconsciously as humans, as Homo sapiens. And even if you’re not attracted to the opposite sex, for some reasons it still works.

I found this as a real weird weight loss tip but there have been studies on it and it seems like it has been helping people lose a couple pounds.

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