5 Easy Ways To Organise Your Tiny Shared Kitchen

If you don’t have a life admin wall then you need one.

When you live in a tiny shared flat, organization in generally the last thing on most peoples minds. Chances are you all met on spare room.com and half of you are neat as a button, but the other half would rather leave their dishes for 20 consecutive days and never put anything back in a cupboard. This = stress and tension.

So instead of fighting over it, why not organise the shit out of your kitchen and voila, any issues will now be solved. We scoured some of our favourite kitchen organisation methods to make things a little easier for you.

Clear up those cupboards

Erm hello haven’t you heard, putting all your spices and salts into nice glass jars is the in thing? Of course you have. Invest in some jars from Ikea or Wilkinsons and pop all those household products like salt, pepper, oats etc into jars away in a cupboard where they don’t take up any space.

 Hang utensils

We actually do this in my flat and I don’t know how I ever lived before doing it. Hanging them just makes so much sense, look at all that kitchen counter space you’ll have.

Have a vegetable storage system.

Chances are you all shared things like onions and garlic anyway. So instead of having it taking up space on random shelves, put it all in baskets and look how grown up you look. I took this inspiration from my mum, the queen of the veggie basket.

Have a spice rack

Spices are the spawn of the devil. We currently have ours in a big bowl. A bowl, people, and it drives me mad. How am I meant to find the cinnamon for my porridge in a bowl without digging really deep into it? Solve this by splitting the cost of a spice rack, it’ll set you back about 25p each if you go to Poundland or something. We’re really into this test tube, look how fancy.

The fridge

Ah the fridge, the mecca of the kitchen. Is yours a bit of a free for all? And do you spend most of your time asking who ate your cheese because you don’t have a system. To solve this, have a bloody shelving system. It’s as easy as this: each have a shelf, and only put your stuff on your own shelf. Done.

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