4 Effective Tips That Can Help You Get Lean Belly

3. Gradually Introduce Your Body to Sports

If you have never been running, do not try to accustom your body to a daily 30-minute run on the first try. The result will be pain and injury, not the loss of excess weight.

When you first exert your body, depending on how long it’s been since you last exercised, it will function chaotically. The muscles will be weak from inactivity, you won’t get enough oxygen because your circulatory system is lazy, even your brain will work against you and push you to quit at the first uncomfortable sensation. So, start slowly. Take frequent breaks and allow your body to catch up to your ambition.

4. Strengthen Your Abdominal Muscles

Careful nutrition combined with targeted exercise can melt that excess weight and make your abdomen flat.

After you’ve gained some stamina, practice exercises designed to strengthen your body and fortify your abdomen muscles. Crunches, kickbacks, squats and planks are all good choices.

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