10 Fast and Healthy Ways to Get Rid of Water Weight

Fluid retention is something that is not just uncomfortable physically, but also poses serious health issues if left untreated. It has a certain tendency to become a norm for our body if it is not treated thereby making it a long-term problem.

However, in most cases, it is mild and goes away on its own in 10-15 mins. For a working person who has a certain image to portray, it often causes the most inconvenience, especially working women who already have more on their plates than their male peers.

Here are ten things that can help you out:

1. Daily exercise in appropriate amounts

This helps you lose weight in general and not just Edema-related fluid weight. The way it does the latter is by helping your muscles eject more and more water and grow tougher and stronger.

However, make sure to rehydrate yourself appropriately, before and after your exercise regimen.

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