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Laundry rooms are supposed to be the place where everything gets clean, crisp and looking sharp… But does your laundry room itself live up to the task? If you can’t find the pre-wash and you are navigating through open piles of unwashed laundry, you have a problem. And if your laundry space isn’t very big to begin with, you need some DIY laundry room organization! Use these awesome ideas for tiny laundry spaces to get the “organized” back into your “clean”!

Southern Living

s your tiny laundry space nothing but a closet? Then check out how ‘Southern Living‘ does it better! Instead of installing standard cabinets above the machines, they used open shelving over half the space, leaving enough room for a hanging / drying rack over the dryer. Genius!

Thrifty and Chic

Use these plans from ‘Thrifty and Chic‘ to create this clever DIY laundry storage! Step by step photos and complete tutorial. Great idea for a small laundry room!

Yellow Brick Home

‘Yellow Brick Home keeps all the laundry off their tiny floor space by utilizing these great DIY laundry sorting bags that hang on the wall. These are made from canvas and should last longer than the clothes you put in them!

his idea we found on ‘Pinterest’, and it is AWESOME! Love the sliding door to hide the space… This makes it easy to keep all the cleaning out of sight, and turn an unused awkward closet into usable laundry room organization space!

Home with Baxter

‘Home with Baxter‘ created this laundry space inside a half bath while doing a remodel… I love that she took the time to make everything pretty! Beadboard and baskets make a big difference in a utilitarian space.

If your home is so small (or old) that it doesn’t even have laundry space, let ‘Fine Homebuilding’ show you how to create a laundry room from a closet.

Hold on to Your Hats

‘Hold on to Your Hats‘ shows us how just a few simple things can make a big difference… Slanted racks above allow easy access to items you need, and organizing with wall brackets keeps ironing supplies and the like out of the way. Easy diy laundry room organization!



Make this foldable drying rack

Find out how to make this foldable drying rack, from ‘Centsational Girl’… This is a real space saver, I hate having to air dry clothes over the shower rod! 🙂

The Cavendar Diaries

From ‘The Cavendar Diaries‘ via ‘I Heart Organizing‘, this laundry space was created in the garage… I love the hanger rack right above the machines.

Sweet Savannah

‘My Sweet Savannah‘ turned this tiny laundry room into an organized space with a single change… a back of the door rack complete with chalkboard painted door for labeling.

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